Entry 1027


Ignoring or rebelling against using the intranet are learned behaviors that were reinforced by repeated poor experiences and infectious word of mouth between colleagues.  (Learned helplessness is a well-documented phenomenon: once somebody has been beaten down enough times, she gives up trying. That’s partly why we recommend against launching a bad UX, even with a plan to fix it later.) 

4 Noteworthy Intranet Design Trends in 2019 by Kara Pernice and Patty Caya

Reading About aria-label


Why is text so central to accessibility? Because text is highly interoperable. That is, systems of letters can be translated into code points and interpreted by all sorts of different software. Oh and humans understand text already, of course.

Because different machines can all read and write text, information can be interpreted and conveyed to humans in different ways. Primarily visually (in letter forms) but also aurally (as synthesized speech) and even by touch (refreshable Braille displays, for instance).

UX accessibility with aria-label by Heydon Pickering


Entry 1009


Secondly, the person I’ve been with the longest — 50 years at this point — is my wife. We get along really fine, but we often don’t understand each other that well. We often laugh about how she tells me something and I hear and understand it, but later on, it turns out that what she meant and what I understood were completely different! And that’s very natural in people. Don Norman

Entry 972


You are part of a professional community, and the way you do your job and handle yourself professionally affects everyone in that community. Just as a rising tide affects all boats, taking a shit in the pool affects all swimmers…If a designer leaves a job because they were being asked to behave against their ethical code, and you take that job, you’re doing all of us a disservice.
Mike Monteiro

Entry 961


In the end of the day, we are all humans. We love the work we do, but we also want to make sure we like and respect the people we work with. We are spending several hours of our day with one another — sometimes more time than we’re spending with our family and friends. Building an environment where people feel comfortable, and a workspace people look forward to every morning will not only improve your team productivity, but the quality of the time you all spend together.

Fabricio Teixeira